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What To Bring To Your Creditor's Meeting

All individual debtors appearing for examination at any section 341 creditor's meeting must provide the trustee with satisfactory proof of both their identity and their correct social security number. Please bring the following to the section 341 creditor's meeting:

You must have this information for the trustee to conduct your meeting.


If you don't have a driver's license, bring one of the following items:

  • Government issued picture identification card
  • U.S. passport
  • Legal resident alien card
  • Military photo identification card

If you don't have a social security card, bring one of the following items:

  • W-2 form from most current tax year
  • Payroll check stukb
  • Health card with name and social security number

Chapter 7

You are required to provide a copy of your bank statement covering the date of filing of your bankruptcy petition (e.g., if your case was on April 13, 2016, then you need to bring your April bank statement). Please mail, fax or email this information upon receipt so that I may have ample time to forward to the trustee.

Chapter 13

Please bring a copy of your bank statement to the 341 creditor's meeting. 

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