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Completing Your Chapter 13 Case

The Chapter 13 Trustee will file a Notice of Completion of Chapter 13 Plan when the Trustee believes you have paid enough money into the Plan and your case is ready to be concluded.

However, before you can receive your final discharge there are two remaining requirements.

If both of these requirements are not completed, the case will be closed without a discharge order being entered and none of your debts will be discharged. 

FIRST, you must provide my office with a certification that you have completed the post-petition personal finance management instructional course prior to the last payment due under the confirmed plan. This instructional course may be completed with any credit counseling agency that has been approved by the United States Trustee's Office. If you have internet access, I recommend using the instructional course provided by Summit Financial Education.

SECOND, a Motion for Chapter 13 Discharge must be filed. This Motion will be sent to you to verify and update information for accuracy. After you receive the Motion, you should sign and return to our office as soon as possible.


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